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Our mission at PBG Atria Pharmacy is to provide our clients with integrative and personalized health care. Our holistic approach integrates Western medications together with natural and traditional products to treat and, even more importantly, to prevent disease. Our healthcare professionals carefully assess and explain your medications and natural health products to help you understand how they will work in your body and to identify and prevent any detrimental interactions. 


We promise dedication, excellence, and integrative care to help our clients achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind.


David Yam, R. Ph.

David received his Pharmacy Degree at the University of Toronto and brings to PBG Atria Pharmacy his previous experiences working in pharmacy at Sunnybrook Hospital, Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart.  


David is a passionate pharmacist driven towards health care innovation and discovering patient-centered solutions. With a keen interest in education and health care, David is always open to helping answer questions about medications helping others navigate complex insurance plans.

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Kelvin Deng, R. Ph.

Kelvin received his Pharmacy Degree at the University of Toronto with previous experiences working in pharmacy at Shoppers Drug Mart. Kelvin started his career during the height of COVID and is experienced navigating healthcare in a rapidly changing environment.


Kelvin believes in empowering clients through education to have them take control of their own health. He enjoys speaking with and educating clients through various methods such as presentations, phone calls, or in person. Kelvin is always open to talk and address any concerns or questions you may have.